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By Cynthia Sliwa — December 22, 2014

While the world of technology has introduced some interesting devices that double as jewelry, there may be a downside to too much tech, as explained in the January 2015 issue of Better Homes& Gardens:

1214 watches 0115 BH&G Timex colorful REV

“Never unplugging can  leave you frazzled and fatigued, but there’s an easy way to take a tech break:  Wear a watch.” The magazine explains:  “Many people check the time on their phones but then get caught up in Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. A bright watch like these (Timex; $65-$70) will give you a pop of pep.”

1214 watches June July 2014 Christine Whitney article what watch says about you REV

The June/July 2014 issue of Harper’s Bazaar includes a longer piece entitled “What Your Watch Says About You” by Christine Whitney, well worth a read. Whitney writes:

“It has been said that you can tell a lot about a person by her hands, but you can tell even more about her by her watch. Ask any successful woman and she’ll say that in our speeded-up world, time has become the ultimate luxury. We’d like to argue, though, that the timepiece takes that title. In an age in which clocks are everywhere–on our phones, our tablets–the wristwatch feels like an even more serious indulgence, a trend-transcending symbols of status and style that says as much about us as an engagement diamond.”  Pictured with the Harper’s Bazaar article are watches from Cartier, Verdura, Hermes and Rolex.

Only a small number of the available choices in timepieces are spotlighted in editorials or are pictured in ads in the fashion magazines, but even that tiny selection presents all manner of exciting choices, from the ultra-fun like the Swatch Scuba Libre watch pictured in the ad below

1214 watches Swatch 2014 ad Scuba Libre REV


1214 watches June July 2014 HB diamond watches 72dpi REV

. . . to the ultra-luxe, like this selection of diamond watches pictured in the June/July 2014 issue of Harper’s Bazaar. The watches are from Harry Winston, Chanel Fine Jewelry, Piaget, Jacob & Co., and Graff.

1214 watches 1114 T&C themes & Apple Watch w bracelet REV

The November 2014 issue of Town & Country demonstrates how a choice of wristwatch can reflect the wearer’s favorite design theme. For a feathers theme, there is a Corum watch; for marquetry, Ralph Lauren; for lattice work, Oscar de la Renta and Shinola; for lace, Vacheron Constantin, and for passementerie, Roger Dubuis.

Town & Country also considers the new Apple watch and concludes:   “We’re happy to add it to our collection but feel the need to pair it with a bracelet, as would any other timepiece.” Perhaps that’s a happy compromise for those times when nothing but net will do.

Price Check:

  • Apple:  Apple Watch to be released early 2015 (11/14 Town & Country), reportedly priced from $349
  • Cartier: Ballon Bleu watch (6-7/14 Harper’s Bazaar), $5,050; Juste en Clou diamond bracelet (11/14 Town & Country), price upon request
  • Chanel Fine Jewelry:  diamond wristwatch (6-7/14 Harper’s Bazaar), price upon request
  • Corum:  Heritage Artisans Feather Dial watch (11/14 Town & Country), $37,000
  • Graff: diamond wristwatch (6-7/14 Harper’s Bazaar), price upon request
  • Harry Winston:  diamond wristwatch (6-7/14 Harper’s Bazaar), price upon request
  • Hermes:  Cape Cod watch (6-7/14 Harper’s Bazaar), $3,750
  • Jacob & Co.: diamond wristwatch (6-7/14 Harper’s Bazaar), price upon request
  • Oscar de la Renta and Shinola:  Lattice watch (11/14 Town & Country), $1,600
  • Piaget:  diamond wristwatch (6-7/14 Harper’s Bazaar), price upon request
  • Ralph Lauren:  RL67 Black Safari Flying Tourbillon watch (11/14 Town & Country), $80,000
  • Roger Dubuis:  Passementerie watch (11/14 Town & Country), $46,000
  • Rolex: Daytona watch (6-7/14 Harper’s Bazaar), price upon request
  • Swatch:  Scuba Libre watch (ad), $90
  • Timex:  colorful watches (1/15 Better Homes & Gardens), $65 – $70
  • Vacheron Constantin:  French Lace watch (11/14 Town & Country), $154,800
  • Verdura: Curb-Link watch (6-7/14 Harper’s Bazaar), price upon request

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