Why Two Matching Cuffs Can Be Better Than One

By Cynthia Sliwa — April 23, 2015

Matching cuffs worn on both wrists have long been a favorite of fashion editors, the style sometimes referred to as “Wonder Woman cuffs,” particularly if the bracelets are wide and relatively unadorned in design. One cuff bracelet can be stunning, no doubt, but there’s no denying the visual impact of  a pair of matching cuffs.

0415 cuffs pair Wonder Woman style 0415 Vogue REV

The April 2015 issue of Vogue pictures the classic Wonder Woman styling of a pair of wide cuffs from the Robert Lee Morris collection with an ensemble from Alexander McQueen.

0415 cuffs pair stacked 0415 InStyle 72dpi REV

Taking a different approach, the April 2015 issue of InStyle presents a fresh way to wear a pair of matching cuff bracelets:  one on top of the other on the same arm. The bracelets pictured are goldtone open designs from Ann Taylor and Slate at Rocksbox. The inset pictures a runway styling from Lanvin.

“Double up on cuffs,” says InStyle:  “Consider this a more  refined take on the traditional #armparty. Instead of piling on a bunch of jangly bangles, simply stack two sculptural cuffs on top of one another. You get the same amount of sparkle with a lot more sophistication.”

Whether this styling works depends upon two factors:  the shape of the cuffs and the shape of your arms. If your arms each have a long straight segment without the more typical gradual increase in circumference from wrist to elbow, your arms are perfect for this styling technique. If, on the other hand, your arms increase in circumference, as seen on model Adriana Lima in the photo from Vogue above, the styling is likely to work well only if the cuffs are open back and if they themselves are shaped, with one end wider than the other, as seen in the Robert Lee Morris cuffs worn by Lima.

If you’re considering purchasing a single cuff bracelet, here’s another reason to consider purchasing two matching cuffs to multiply your styling options.

Price Check:

  • Ann Taylor:  gold tone open cuffs (4/15 InStyle), $50/set of two
  • Lanvin:  cuffs (4/15 InStyle), price upon request
  • Robert Lee Morris:  wide sterling silver cuffs (4/15 Vogue), price upon request
  • Slate at Rocksbox: gold tone open cuffs (4/15 InStyle), $20 each

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