Stacked Pendants Done Well and Not So Well

By Cynthia Sliwa — March 11, 2014

Delicate pendant necklaces never really go out of style. In large part this is true because they tend to have sentimental or highly personal meaning, often symbolically reflected in the design of the pendant.

One way to give these delicate necklaces more presence is to stack them, wearing two or more at a time. Necklaces of staggered lengths can be “nested” one inside the other for a pleasing visual effect.

stacked pendants 030514 People Blake Lively REV


stacked pendants 030514 People Blake Lively REV CU

The March 3, 2014 issue of People magazine presents several examples of stacked pendant necklaces. Actress Blake Lively receives the spotlight for her necklace styling. She wore a Jennifer Meyer initial pendant featuring the letter “R” — a “sparkly shoutout” for her husband Ryan Reynolds — combined with a shorter gold necklace,  when she appeared without him at a Fashion Week event. “Cue the awws” notes People. The necklaces are the perfect length  to accompany the scoop neck of Lively’s ensemble.

stacked pendants 030514 People Jessica Brown Findlay REV


stacked pendants 030514 People Jessica Brown Findlay CU 6in

British actress Jessica Brown Findlay is pictured in the same issue of People wearing a pair of delicate stacked pendants on longer chains draped over a buttoned collar shirt. The necklaces are beautifully nested and create a long vertical emphasis.

stacked pendants 030514 People Katie Holmes REV


stacked pendants 030514 People Katie Holmes CU 6in

A third example of stacked pendants appears on actress Katie Holmes, also appearing at a Fashion Week event. Over her lacy red dress she wore a pair of delicate pendant necklaces that hang awkwardly over the jewel neckline of the dress. The shorter necklace is too short to stay put; the longer necklace has a linear design that is skewed off-center and looks as though it may have caught on the lace. The necklaces add nothing to her ensemble and are visually distracting.

Necklaces should always be chosen with an eye to the neckline of the garment they are accompanying. There are occasions when it is best to leave the sentimental jewelry at home.

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