Snagging Jewelry for Long-Sleeved Embroidered Silk Chiffon

By Cynthia Sliwa — August 12, 2014

The most cringe-worthy jewelry styling of the year (thus far) is this look from InStyle Your Look 2014, a special edition of the magazine currently on newsstands.

Actress Diane Kruger is stunning in a form-fitting Jason Wu ensemble. The matching top and pants are rendered in embroidered silk chiffon that covers her from her neck to her wrists, and down to her feet. She also wears a jaunty felted rabbit-hair beret from Patricia Underwood.

0814 Snags Diane Kruger in Jason Wu silk chiffon InStyle REV

Her jewelry, however, is tragic — and likely to end in tragedy for that stunning Jason Wu top. Kruger wears a Sutra diamond link bracelet with a hanging charm from Diane von Furstenberg by H. Stern at the end of her sleeve, and, perched on top of that fragile silk chiffon sleeve, a diamond cuff from the Sous le Signe du Lion Collection from Chanel Fine Jewelry.

Kruger is pictured wearing the H. Stern bracelet at the January 2014 Sean PennĀ  & Friends Help Haiti Home Gala on Here is a close-up of the bracelet from that web site:

0814 Diane von Fursterberg for H. Stern diamond Sutra bracelet CU from StarStyle REV

The dangling charm begs to snag on fragile fabric, as does the mechanism of the bracelet, visible in the photo.

The Chanel bracelet is even more dangerous, as befitting the lion design. Here it is seen on the website

0814 Snags Chanel bracelet chanel-sous-le-signe-du-lion-bracelet REV

One can only hope that the lion has had an excellent manicure of the claws on its outstretched paw.

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