Siren’s Call: Jewelry That Makes Safety Stylish

By Cynthia Sliwa — July 30, 2015

Many a woman knows the value of wearing a whistle on a chain as a functional piece of jewelry that lends some peace of mind. On some college campuses, wearing a whistle is recommended as a way to provide a modicum of security.

Over the years, my blog has spotlighted a number of these functional designs that have been included in fashion spreads:

Whistle repost 0715 Pendant long 0912 Elle whistle Tiffany striped dress Akris REV

  • My October 15, 2012 post includes this photo from the September 2012 issue of Elle, which includes a sterling silver pendant whistle necklace from Tiffany & Co.


Whistle repost 0715 1112 black and white HB Aug high contrast REV

  • My November 8, 2012 post incorporates this photo from the August 2012 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, which includes an ornamental whistle pendant from Louis Vuitton.


Whistles repost 0715 white metal 0214 HB whistles REV

  • My blog on black and white jewelry on February 12, 2014 includes this photo montage from the February 2014 issue of Harper’s  Bazaar, which includes a whistle necklace from Japanese designer Sacai.


Siren ring 0815 MC REV

The August 2015 issue of Marie Claire  reports on a clever new jewelry creation that can be even easier to employ as a security device:  the Siren Ring. The brainchild of New York designer Kat Alexander, her line of cocktail rings “house an alarm so piercing, it can ward off attackers.” What is particularly genius about Alexander’s designs: “the ring is instantly accessible on your hand, unlike that pepper spray buried in your handbag” and is more readily reachable and more quickly employable than a whistle hanging from your neck.

Siren Ring Capture REV 72dpi

Illustration:  Siren Ring, Yellow Gold-Plated with Labradorite

To activate the siren, the wearer twists the top of the ring 60 degrees counterclockwise until the ring locks. If the wearer does not disengage the alarm, the ring emits a piercing sound exceeding 110 decibels in close proximity —  in a mere 2 seconds.

Marie Claire reports that Alexander “inked a deal with a major retailer to develop a lower-cost ring and a wristband, which should hit stores this fall.”


Price Check:

  • Siren Ring: 24kt gold-plated cocktail rings with natural gemstone and alarm (8/15 Marie Claire), $199 each

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