Playful Approaches to Jewelry: The Ear Party

By Cynthia Sliwa — September 03, 2015

This season, sophisticated fashions are sometimes accompanied by delightfully playful jewelry. One major area for jewelry creativity is the wearer’s ears. The September 7, 2015 issue of People contains an excellent two-page fashion spread entitled “Creative Earring Combos,” noting that “celebs are loving the ‘ear party’ trend–and you’re invited to get in on the fun!”

0815 ear party People 090815 p1 REV

People reports: “The key to putting together the perfect earring pairing is trial and error–there’s no set formula. Even the pros have to play around to get it right.” To find a starting point to achieve “an effortlessly cool balance,” “Stick with the same metal and mix up shape, textures and sizes,” says stylist Meritt Elliott. In the photo above, actress Nikki Reed wears a Jacquie Aiche large starburst ear jacket, In God We Trust chain earring, and Liven ear cuff. To get the look, People suggests an ear jacket from Shashi and chain-accented ear cuffs from Noir Jewelry.

0815 ear party People 090815 p2 REV

The second page of the spread includes a variety of looks modeled by Amber Heard (a single hoop from Melissa Kaye; a front-back pyramid from Gara Danielle; her own lightning-bolt stud, and an arrow stud from Anita Ko), Kate Mara (multiple triangle-shape studs from Jennifer Meyer), and Lucy Hale (an extreme ear party, “[faking] an extra piercing with an ear cuff” from Colette; worn with a long rocket stud from Arya Esha, a “star fancy-back” earring from Colette, and arrowhead stud from Ambyr Childers). “Get the Look” options feature jewelry from Zoe Chicco, Michael Kors, Chloe + Isabel, Melinda Maria, Sole Society, and Elizabeth and James.

0815 Zoe Saldana rainbow earrings w Louis Vu8itton dress REV

In the September 2015 issue of InStyle, actress Zoe Saldana takes the prize for best dress in a lotus-print dress edged with laser-cut leather lace from Louis Vuitton. The complex, miniature print is beautifully accessorized with a trio of small earrings: a stud earring featuring a rainbow of gemstones from Jennifer Meyer, and a pair of matching ruby hook earrings from Shylee Rose Jewelry. As noted in InStyle, “The tight mix of stones . . . creates a rainbow as vibrant as the dress.”

With the print, any metal color might have provided a lovely finishing touch, and white diamonds too would have been a lovely, if safe choice. The artistry of Saldana’s look lies in adding a playful mix of color to the ear party.

0815 Zoe Saldana rainbow earrings w Louis Vuitton dress CU REV


Price Check:

  • Ambyr Childers:  “Arrowhead Earrings” in 14kt white gold with micro-set diamonds (9/7/15 People), $1,320 for pair
  • Anita Ko:  “Single Arrow” black gold and diamond arrow earring (9/7/15 People), $1,700 in various metals
  • Arya Esha:  long rocket stud earring (9/7/15 People), price upon request
  • Chloe + Isabel:  “Pave Triangle Stud Earrings” (9/7/15 People), $24
  • Colette:  star fancy-back earring (9/7/15 People), price upon request; white gold ear cuff (9/7/15 People), price upon request
  • Elizabeth and James:  “Itten Linear Earrings” (9/7/15 People), $125
  • Gara Danielle:  “Pyramid Front-Back Earring” in 14kt gold with diamonds (9/7/15 People), $1,300 for pair
  • In God We Trust: chain earring in 14kt gold (9/7/15 People), price upon request
  • Jacquie Aiche: 14kt gold “Large Starburst Ear Jacket” with pave diamonds (9/7/15 People), $1,250
  • Jennifer Meyer: gold and diamond single stud (9/7/15 People) price upon request; gold and diamond three-triangle stud (9/7/15 People), $13,500;  rainbow stud earring (9/15 InStyle), price upon request
  • Liven: “Triple Row Ear Cuff” in 14kt gold with prong-set diamonds (9/7/15 People), $750
  • Melinda Maria:  “Cece Pave CZ Studs” (9/7/15 People), $68
  • Melissa Kaye:  hinged diamond hoop in 18kt gold (9/7/15 People), price upon request
  • Michael Kors:  “Pave Criss-Cross Hoop Earrings” (9/7/15 People), $125
  • Noir Jewelry: “Hidden Falls Ear Cuffs” (9/7/15 People), $25
  • Shashi: “Arushi” ear jacket (9/7/15 People), $54
  • Shylee Rose Jewelry: “Ruby Hook Earrings” in 14kt gold (9/15 InStyle), $2,070
  • Sole Society:  “Floral Front to Back Earrings” (9/7/15 People), $25
  • Zoe Chicco:  “Noir Pave Arrow Stud Earring” (9/7/15 People), $138 for one


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