Mixing Perfume and Jewelry

By Cynthia Sliwa — July 09, 2015

Jewelry and perfume are both festive additions to a wardrobe — finishing touches that can elevate others’ experience of the wearer.  Jewelry and perfume need to be used together thoughtfully, however:  Spritzing perfume on  jewelry can damage the metals and other materials from which the jewels are made. A number of designers have come up with clever ways to sidestep the issue.

perfume jewelry 0615 MC Paige Novick for Kilian REV

The June 2015 issue of Marie Claire features the Paige Novick for Kilian Collection jewelry, which “has a secret: a scented ceramic disk inside each item.” Pictured is a bypass bracelet.

perfume jewelry 0515 Lucky Helena Christensen pendant REV

“Perfume Genius” proclaims the May 2015 issue of Lucky, referencing a pendant “filled with the most intoxicating perfume oil, a mix of oud, jasmine, rose and amber” created by supermodel Helena Christensen. The perfume, Dead of Night, does not emanate from the pendant however:  “Smooth the tiniest bit [of the perfume oil] onto your pulse points and the heady, addictive scent lingers all day.”

perfume jewelry 110214 LA Times REV

The November 2, 2014 issue of the Los Angeles Times features a selection of perfumed jewelry, writer Janet Kinosian noting:  “Creating perfumed jewelry is an old–even ancient–art still practiced by today’s jewelry designers. Pictured are:

  • 18kt gold minaret earrings infused with geranium rose silk thread by Katelin Gibbs
  • A weighty floral urn and applicator pendant in 18kt gold by Cynthia Bach
  • A bracelet of scented black calf leather cord and 24kt gold-plated closure from By Killian
  • A glass perfume bottle charm with silk tassel from Etro
  • A solid perfume pendant  from Tory Burch
  • A French patch box filled with fragrance and wearable as a locket from Atelier.


perfume jewelry 1213 Allure Lisa Hoffman etc REV

Going back a bit further, the December 2013 issue of Allure, discussing “4 Ways to Wear Fragrance,” spotlights bracelets with charms that smell like Tunisian neroli and Tuscan fig from Lisa Hoffman Beauty. “The charm is basically a pomander, like those worn in the Middle Ages on to disguise odor.” The charms are currently available in a choice of seven fragrances.

perfume jewelry 0413 Glamour SJ Parker Oscar de la Renta REV

A larger pendant infused with the Tuscan fig fragrance from Tom Binns for Lisa Hoffman Beauty is spotlighted in the April 2013 issue of Glamour. Also featured is a ring with a flip-up lid to provide access to solid perfume from Oscar de la Renta, and a solid perfume bracelet from Sarah Jessica Parker.

perfume jewelry 0315 T&C Bulgari Amarena perfume 72dpi REV

Taking a different approach to combining fragrance and jewelry, Bulgari has recently introduced Le Gemme, a collection that “captures the spirit of its prized stones” in bottles. Six scents are each based upon a gemstone:  tourmaline, amethyst, turquoise, moonstone, citrine, and peridot. The perfumes are spotlighted in the March 2015 issue of Town & Country, which reports that Bulgari perfumer Daniela Andrier “looked to each stone, and the way light passed through it, to dream up fragrances that are as richly evocative as they are multifaceted.”


Price Check:

  • Atelier:  19th century French patch box containing perfume, wearable as a locket (11/2/14 LA Times), $295
  • Bulgari:  tassel necklaces (3/15 Town & Country), $72,000 and $49,000; drop earrings (3/15 Town & Country), $23,100
  • By Killian:  “Duo Cord Bracelet” with scented black calf leather cord and 24kt gold-plated hook-and-eye closure (11/2/14 LA Times), $195
  • Cynthia Bach:  “Flacon de Parfume” urn and applicator in 18kt yellow gold (11/2/14 LA Times), $12,000
  • Dead of Night:  gold-plated pendant necklace containing perfume oil (5/15 Lucky), $295
  • Etro: glass perfume bottle charm wit black silk tassel (11/2/14 LA Times), $870
  • Katelin Gibbs:  delicate perfumed minaret earrings infused with geranium rose silk thread (11/2/14 LA Times), $3,200 in 18kt yellow gold; $600 in sterling silver
  • Lisa Hoffman Beauty:  “Women’s Black Onyx Fragrance Bracelet” of black onyx, crystal and hematite (12/13 Allure), $85
  • Oscar de la Renta:  “Esprit d’Oscar Solid Perfume Ring (4/13 Glamour), $65
  • Paige Novick for Kilian Collection:  bracelet with scented ceramic disk (6/15 Marie Claire), details not available; collection from $2,200
  • Sarah Jessica Parker:  Solid Perfume Bracelet (4/13 Glamour), $35
  • Tom Binns for Lisa Hoffman Beauty:  Fragrance Pendant in Tuscan Fig (4/13 Glamour), $250
  • Tory Burch:  “Solid Perfume Pendant” (11/2/14 LA Times), $150

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