Long & Large Pendant Necklaces

By Cynthia Sliwa — March 05, 2015

The pendant necklace is making a strong showing in the world of fashion this season. A perennial favorite, the long, large version has both formal and casual applications. The long pendant necklace can bring attention to the dramatic allure of a deep vee neckline on a gown, or can provide polish to a turtleneck or other high neck garment.

long pendant 1214-0115 HB Venyx opal REV

The December 2014/January 2015 issue of Harper’s Bazaar suggests, based upon a look worn by Gigi Hadid: “Harness the power of metallics and semiprecious stones: A shimmering deep-V dress and a long pendant make beautiful alchemy.” Featured is an opal and diamond pendant necklace by Venyx. Also featured on the page are linear long drop diamond earrings by Harry Winston.

long pendant 0315 InStyle Mario Laz over Alberta Ferretti REV

The March 2015 issue of InStyle pictures a diamond and 10kt gold pendant necklace from Mario Laz that perfectly accents the deep vee neckline of an Alberta Ferretti gown.

long pendant 0315 Vogue Marni over Tod's REV

Casual looks incorporating long and large pendant necklaces abound. The March 2015 issue of Vogue styles a pants ensemble with a high-neck knit top from Tod’s with a chunky pendant necklace on a leather cord from Marni.

long pendant 0115 InStyle Lizzy Caplan in Marni 72dpi REV

Chunky pendant necklaces from Marni are also featured in the January 2015 issue of InStyle, including the above geometric design necklace of pyrite, leather, resin and metal pictured with a Chloe coat over a Chanel dress and pants. The model, actress Lizzy Caplan, also wears a pave diamond, tourmaline and 14kt gold ring from Jacquie Aiche.

long pendant 0215 MC Coach red carpet look REV

A runway look from Coach that styles a chunky knit sweater over a miniskirt accented with a long pendant necklace inspires a fashion spread in the February 2015 issue of Marie Claire.

long pendant 1114 Lucky Charlotte Greville REV

A mock turtleneck sweater from Tees by Tina in a layered look is accented with a chunky pendant necklace of wood and metal from Charlotte Greville in this styling from the November 2014 issue of Lucky. The model wears rings (obscured) by Charlotte Greville and Fallon.

long pendant 1014 InStyle Lulu Frost over cropped sweater REV

A beautiful example of a long pendant necklace adding polish to a blouse and sweater combination appears in the October 2014 issue of InStyle. The brass necklace from Lulu Frost presents a polished option worn over a cropped sweater from AYR. An alternate look is styled with a pair of gold-plated gemstone cuffs from Lizzie Fortunato.

long pendant 0315 Glamour Marni over checks REV

A long and large pendant necklace from Celine has enough presence to be worn over a boldly patterned Proenza Schouler blouse in this look from the March 2015 issue of Glamour. Also featured is a gold-plated bracelet with malachite from CC Skye.

Price Check:

  • CC Skye:  “Platform Statement Cuff,” 18kt gold-plated with malachite (2/15 Glamour), $168
  • Celine:  pendant necklace on cord (2/15 Glamour), $455
  • Charlotte Greville:  “On the Corner” wood and metal pendant necklace (11/14 Lucky), $175; ring (11/14 Lucky), $170
  • Coach:  pendant necklace (2/15 Marie Claire), price upon request
  • Fallon:  ring (11/14 Lucky), $150
  • Harry Winston:  diamond linear drop earrings (12/14-1/15 Harper’s Bazaar), price upon request
  • Jacquie Aiche:  pave diamond, tourmaline and 14kt gold ring (1/15 InStyle), price upon request
  • Lizzie Fortunato:  gold-plated cuffs with sodalite or jasper cabochons (10/14 InStyle),$195 each
  • Lulu Front: brass pendant necklace (10/14 InStyle), $295
  • Mario Laz:  diamond and 10kt gold pendant necklace (3/15 InStyle), price upon request
  • Marni:  long chunky pendant necklace, gold-plated brass with resin and horn on leather cord (3/15 Vogue), $400; pendant necklace of pyrite, leather, resin and metal (1/15 InStyle), price upon request
  • Venyx:  opal and diamond pendant necklace (12/14-1/15 Harper’s Bazaar), price upon request


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