Jewelry Tassels Continue to Tantalize

By Cynthia Sliwa — June 11, 2015

There are few more designs in fashion more alluring than the sensuous movement of fringe and tassels. Their popularity continues unabated since I last wrote about this trend one year ago.

There are two lines of thought about the latest designs incorporating tassels or fringe. One looks to Bohemian vintage styles for inspiration; the other focuses on fresh modern takes on the design element.

0615 tassels 0615 InStyle you can do Bohemian Rosena Sammi REV

“You can do Bohemian,” writes Cindy Weber Cleary in the June 2015 issue of  InStyle. “The look is the opposite of high-maintenance, and so is the girl who’s into it. . . . She goes with the flow . . . expressing her free spirit with a joyful mélange of color, patterns, and offbeat accessories. Why don’t you follow suit? Your summer of love awaits.” Featured is a beaded tassel necklace from Rosena Sammi.

0615 tassels 0415 MC under 100 Nasty Gal earrings REV

The April 2015 issue of Marie Claire reports:  “With fringe, suede, and folkloric prints, the boho look gets a Southwestern spin.” Featured are hoop earrings accented with tassels from Nasty Gal, along with a leather wrap bracelet from Pandora and a stacked necklace with fringed segments from Zara.

0615 tassels 0215 InStyle Cynthia Bach Cathy Waterman 72dpi REV

“Shake That Thing” writes Marion Fasel in the February 2015 issue of InStyle:  “You’ve got the moves. Time to show the world by slipping on a swinging fringe necklace.” Me & Ro designer Robin Renzi adds, “They were made for dancing the night away–the effect is very sexy.” Along with an 18kt gold and diamond fringe necklace from Me & Ro, the magazine spotlights a mixed metal sterling silver and 18kt gold and diamond necklace from Irit Design; a delicate version in platinum, 22kt gold and diamonds from Cathy Waterman; and a bold necklace of 18kt gold tassels from Cynthia Bach.

0615 tassels 042015 People Ale by Alessandra x ZBauble Bar REV

On the “style radar” of the April 20, 2015 issue of People magazine includes a tassel bib necklace from Ale by Alessandra x BaubleBar, the magazine noting that supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is a Coachella regular, so it makes sense that her music festival-ready design is “perfect to wear with maxis, fringe and flower crowns.”

0615 tassels 0215 PSW '70s accessories Gottex choker REV

A single large fringed drop adorns a choker from Gottex Jewelry featured  as one of the ’70s accessories in the February 2015 issue of People Style Watch:  “Extras inspired by the fun decade are everywhere! Make retro look chic with fringy jewelry, platform heels and saddlebags in rich, earthy tones.”

0615 tassels 0515 More long earrings REV

“The ’70s Shine On” proclaims the May 2015 issue of More. Actress Caitriona Balfe is pictured in a Stella McCartney jumpsuit accessorized with  long Topshop tassel earrings,  J. Crew gold-plated cuffs and a vintage necklace from Giuseppe Zanotti Design.

0615 tassels 0315 InStyle CU Dries Van Noten necklace 72dpi REV

A bold cuff necklace with pendants and multi-color tassels from Dries Van Noten is spotlighted in the March 2015 issue of InStyle.

0615 tassels 0515 HB Tropical Punch Dries Van Noten necklace REV

The same tassel necklace from Dries Van Noten is spotlighted in a feature entitled “Tropical Punch” in the May 2015 issue of Harper’s Bazaar along with a tassel-embellished choker from Lanvin. Also pictured are long colorful drop earrings from Missoni and a necklace of chunky striped beads from Marni.

0615 tassels 0615 PSW Global Boho Zacasha necklace Yochi earrings REV

“Global Boho” is the theme of a fashion spread in the June 2015 issue of People Style Watch:  “Feeling a little wanderlusty-y? Transport your style with exotic details–silky fringe, sequins, intricate beading and beyond.” Featured are a long brass and stone necklace with tassel from Zacasha along with gold-plated hoop earrings with bead detail from Yochi.

0615 tassels 0315 MC Antik Batik earrings Nikos Koulis ring REV

“Global Soul” is the theme of a fashion spread in the March 2015 issue of  Marie Claire:  “Satisfy your wanderlust in vibrant prints and accents that pop.” Featured are fringe-accented earrings from Antik Batik along with a bead bracelet from David Yurman and a colorful ring from Nikos Koulis.

0615 tassels 0615 PSW It Dress Endless Summer w Mad Jewels hoops REV

A flowy silk dress described as the “It” dress of the season  is given two styling treatments in the June 2015 issue of People Style Watch. For “Boho Glam” the dress, from Endless Summer, is accessorized with tassel-embellished hoop earrings from Mad Jewels. For “Casual Chic” the dress is accessorized with a bold cuff from Gottex Jewelry.

0615 tassels 0315 C shake it up Isabel Marant earrings REV

“Shake It Up” suggests the March 2015 issue of C California Style:  “Add a little attitude, a bit of movement and a touch of fringe.” Featured are long drop fringe-accented earrings from Isabel Marant.

0615 tassels 0215 Real Simple Lulu's necklace REV

A “trend to try” profiled in the February 2015 issue of Real Simple is fringe:  “Not the least bit country (or rock and roll, for that matter), the newest swingy styles incorporate modern shapes and neutral tones that make the look super wearable but no less fun.” Featured is a delicate fringe necklace from Lulu’s:  “As delicate as these golden strands are, they create a dramatic, head-turning statement–especially against a simple dress.”

0615 tassels 0315 LA Eddie Borgo earrings REV

The March 2015 issue of Los Angeles magazine notes:  “Trendsetters have toyed with fringe in the past, but this season they’re swinging to a whole new beat. The inspiration is more haute than Haight.” Featured are sleek drop earrings from Eddie Borgo with chain tassels.

0615 tassels 0515 PSW romantic white Olive + Piper REV

Decidedly un-Boho are thread earrings with pearls and pavé crystal detail from Olive + Piper featured in a fashion spread on “Romantic White” in the May 2015 issue of People Style Watch.

0615 tassels 060715 HB 70+ Satya Jewelry earrings REV

For the fashion-savvy 70+, the June/July 2015 issue of Harper’s Bazaar recommends: “Brighten up black with florals and pops of red.” Featured jewelry includes sleek sterling silver tassel earrings from Satya Jewelry, along with a multi-band ring from Casato; an embellished slender cuff from Gabriel & Co., and a wristwatch from Dior Timepieces. For those in their 60s, the magazine suggests that “blue and white are a winning combo.” Featured are a gem-embellished ring from Vahan Jewelry, an elaborate cuff from Martin Katz, and stud earrings from Tacori.

0615 tassels 0315 HB Kirna Aabete boutique Aurelie Bidermann REV

The March 2015 issue of Harper’s Bazaar references an interview with the owners of New York boutique Kirna Zabete to get the inside scoop on their shopping picks and styling tips for the season. They spotlight tassel-accented earrings from Aurelie Bidermann along with a single long double pearl drop earring from Asherali Knopfer, a lips motif ring from Alison Lou, and a carved owl cameo style ring from Amedeo.

0615 tassels 0615 PSW blue leather BaubleBar REV

Among the brightly hued outfit-making accessories spotlighted in the June 2015 issue of People Style Watch is a necklace with vibrant blue leather tassels from BaubleBar. Also featured are sparkly crystal-embellished earrings from Lionette by Noa Sadé.

Price Check:

  • Asherali Knopfer:  single long drop double pearl earring (3/15 Harper’s Bazaar), $620
  • Ale by Alessandra x BaubleBar:  “Alessandra” tassel bib necklace (4/20/15 People), $68
  • Alison Lou:  lips motif ring (3/15 Harper’s Bazaar), $900
  • Amedeo:  carved owl cameo ring (3/15 Harper’s Bazaar), $2,640
  • Antik Batik:  fringe-accented earrings (3/15 Marie Claire), $137
  • Aurelie Bidermann:  tassel-accented earrings (3/15 Harper’s Bazaar), $560
  • BaubleBar:  “Mini Leather Tassel Strand” gold-plated necklace (6/15 People Style Watch), $44
  • Casato:  ring of 18kt gold and diamonds (6-7/15 Harper’s Bazaar), $6,845
  • Cathy Waterman:  Diamond, platinum and 22kt gold necklace (2/15 InStyle), $43,700
  • Cynthia Bach:  18kt gold tassel necklace (2/15 InStyle), $32,500
  • David Yurman:  bead bracelet (3/15 Marie Claire), $375
  • Dior Timepieces:  wristwatch (6-7/15 Harper’s Bazaar), price upon request
  • Dries Van Noten:  brass necklace with pendants and multi-color tassels (3/15 InStyle and 5/15 Harper’s Bazaar), $1,645
  • Eddie Borgo:  earrings with chain tassels (3/15 Los Angeles), $160
  • Gabriel & Co.:  cuff bracelet (6-7/15 Harper’s Bazaar), $250
  • Giuseppe Zanotti Design:  vintage necklace  (5/15 More), price upon request
  • Gottex Jewelry:  “Meridien” fringe choker of 18kt gold plate with cabochon detail (2/15 People Style Watch), $95; “Grand Plaza” 18kt gold-plated cuff with cabochon detail (6/15 People Style Watch), $35
  • Irit Design:  pavé diamond, sterling silver and 18kt gold necklace (2/15 InStyle), $4,500
  • Isabel Marant:  fringe-accented long drop earrings (3/15 C California Style), $300
  • J. Crew:  gold-plated cuff bracelets (5/15 More), price upon request
  • Lanvin:  choker with tassel embellishment (5/15 Harper’s Bazaar), $945
  • Lionette by Noa Sadé:  “Orian Earrings” in brass with Swarovski crystal and faux opal detail (6/15 People Style Watch), $358
  • Lulu’s:  delicate fringe necklace (2/15 Real Simple), $26
  • Mad Jewels:  “Bali Hoops” in 18kt gold-plated metal with silk and bead detail (6/15 People Style Watch), $28
  • Marni:  necklace with chunky striped beads (5/15 Harper’s Bazaar), $1,020
  • Martin Katz:  cuff bracelet (6-7/15 Harper’s Bazaar), price upon request
  • Missoni:  colorful long drop earrings (5/15 Harper’s Bazaar), $615
  • Me & Ro:  diamond and 18kt gold fringe necklace (2/15 InStyle), $4,550
  • Nasty Gal:  hoop earrings with tassel accents (4/15 Marie Claire), $25
  • Nikos Koulis:  colorful ring (3/15 Marie Claire), $3,870
  • Olive + Piper:  “Daisey Tassel Drops” thread earrings with pearl and pavé crystal detail (5/15 People Style Watch), $32
  • Pandora:  leather wrap bracelet (4/15 Marie Claire), $20
  • Rosanna Sammi:  beaded tassel necklace (6/15 InStyle), $55
  • Satya:  “Silver Palace Earrings” fringe chain drop earrings in sterling silver (6-7/15 Harper’s Bazaar), $89
  • Tacori:  stud earrings (6-7/15 Harper’s Bazaar), price upon request
  • Topshop:  long tassel earrings (5/15 More), price upon request
  • Vahan Jewelry:  gem-studded ring (6-7/15 Harper’s Bazaar), $7,875
  • Yochi:  “Delicate Seed Hoop Earrings” of 18kt gold-plated metal with bead detail (6/15 People Style Watch), $48
  • Zacasha:  “Touareg Tassel Necklace” in brass with stone detail and tassel (6/15 People Style Watch), $65
  • Zara:  stacked necklace (4/15 Marie Claire), $16


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