Jewelry Geometry: Squarely Stylish

By Cynthia Sliwa — June 10, 2014

A number of designers this season, and most notably the French design house Celine, have chosen to ignore the curves of a woman’s body and have designed jewelry, including bracelets and  rings, in squares and various combinations of hard angles . Some of these hard angles appear to be uncomfortable or difficult to wear, although they make a sharp visual statement.

squares 0314 HB Celine square bracelet REV

A square chrome bracelet form Celine is featured in the March 2014 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, a counter to the frilly ruffled fashions pictured, along with geometric earrings from Georg Jensen, a Movado wristwatch, a curvy double finger ring from Hermes, and a more traditional hinged bangle bracelet from Tacori.

squares Celine ad REV

A current ad for Celine provides a close-up view of the angular bracelets, along with cuffs of a pleated design.

squares 0514 MC Celine necklace REV

An angular necklace from Celine accents a sporty ensemble in the May 2014 issue of Marie Claire. The model also wears a cord bracelet from Miansai by Michael Saiger, a thin bracelet form Iwona Ludyga Design, and a Bell & Ross wristwatch.

squares 0314 HB Celine necklace REV

The angular Celine necklace is also spotlighted in the March 2014 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, along with a trio of rings from Anndra Neen for Chadwick Bell.

squares 0514 Elle acrylic necklace REV

A squared-off acrylic necklace from I Still Love You NYC accents a sporty ensemble in the May 2014 issue of Elle. The model also wears a resin bangle from Dinosaur Designs.

squares 0314 Elle Tomtom bracelet REV

A sharp-angle cuff  from Tomtom by Elena Howell, along with another bracelet by that designer, accessorize a faux necklace-enhanced bodysuit from Versace in this photo from the March 2014 issue of Elle.

squares 0514 HB James de Givenchy bracelet REV

As featured in the May 2014 issue of Harper’s Bazaar¸ James de Givenchy for Taffin offers a square agate bangle that is lined with curved metal to conform to the shape of the wrist. Also recommended for beach wear is a ribbon-tie necklace from Lanvin (although combining ribbons and suntan lotion may present a challenge to the longevity of the necklace).

squares 0614 InStyle Stanmore bangle REV

A circle within a square is also an approach taken in a rhodium-plated bangle from Stanmore pictured in the June 2014 issue of InStyle. A U-shaped ring from Stanmore and U-shaped bangles from Sarah Chloe are also featured, along with front-back earrings from Fallon Jewelry and a thin gold-plated necklace from Sarah Chloe.

squares 0314 Elle Lele Sadoughi rock crystal necklace REV

The March 2014 issue of Elle features a  necklace from Lele Sadoughi, which suspends rock crystal-accented square links from a choker. A necklace incorporating geometric shapes (but no rectangles or squares) from Erickson Beamon is also pictured. A Marni handbag and Miu Miu sandal pictured on the page are both embellished with square and/or rectangular faux gemstones.

squares 0614 PSW earrings on Victoria Justice REV

Square earrings from Völu are  pictured on actress and singer Victoria Justice in the June 2014 issue of People Style Watch.

squares Moen faucet necklace ad REV

A current ad shows a necklace by jewelry designer Gina Pankowski inspired by the shapes and angles of Moen’s 90 Degree faucet collection. (Not pictured is artist Sarah Loertscher’s angular necklace inspired by Moen’s Arris Collection.)

squares Dec 13 Jan 14 HB Harry Winston emerald ring REV

Gemstones too can be configured in stylish hard angles. Diamonds and  a huge square-cut emerald by Harry Winston create a geometric pattern on a ring pictured in the December 2013/January 2014 issue of Harper’s Bazaar.  Also pictured is a malachite and diamond accented wristwatch from Louis Vuitton and a bracelet with huge emerald-cut stone from Silvia Furmanovich.


Price Check:

  • Anndra Neen for Chadwick Bell:  silver rings (3/14 Harper’s Bazaar), $95 – $110
  • Bell & Ross:  wristwatch (5/14 Marie Claire), $3,500
  • Celine:  square bracelet (3/14 Harper’s Bazaar), $850; angular necklace (5/14 Marie Claire), $1,950
  • Dinosaur Designs:  resin bangle (5/14 Elle), $142
  • Erickson Beamon:  crystal, blue goldstone and oxidized vermeil necklace (3/14 Elle), $978
  • Fallon Jewelry:  Swarovski pearl & rhodium plate earrings (6/14 InStyle), $98
  • Georg Jensen:  earrings (3/14 Harper’s Bazaar), $225
  • Harry Winston:  emerald and diamond ring (12/13-1/14 Harper’s Bazaar), price upon request
  • Hermes:  double-finger ring (3/14 Harper’s Bazaar), $800
  • I Still Love You New York:  acrylic necklace (5/14 Elle), $50
  • Iwona Ludyga Design:  thin bracelet (5/14 Marie Claire), $169
  • James de Givenchy for Taffin:  agate bangle bracelet (5/14 Harper’s Bazaar), price upon request
  • Lanvin:  ribbon-tie necklace (5/14 Harper’s Bazaar), $695
  • Lele Sadoughi:  rock crystal and rhodium-plate necklace (3/14 Elle), $298
  • Louis Vuitton:  malachite and diamond-accented wristwatch (12/13-1/14 Harper’s Bazaar), price upon request
  • Miansai by Michael Saiger:  cord bracelet (5/14 Marie Claire), $55
  • Movado:  wristwatch (3/14 Harper’s Bazaar), $1,795
  • Sarah Chloe:  gold-plated necklace (6/14 InStyle), $89; gold-plated U-shaped bangles (6/14 InStyle), $129 each
  • Silvia Furmanovich:  gemstone bracelet (12/13-1/14 Harper’s Bazaar), price upon request
  • Stanmore:  rhodium-plated circle within square bangle (6/14 InStyle), $150; sterling silver U-shaped ring (6/14 InStyle), $130
  • Tacori:  hinged bangle (3/14 Harper’s Bazaar), $570
  • Tomtom:  “Moto” angled edge cuff and additional cuff (3/14 Elle), $425 each
  • Völu:   Carracadas de Cubo  Earrings (6/14 People Style Watch), $1,295

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