How Fashion Choices Can Lessen the Impact Even of a Cartier Diamond Necklace

By Cynthia Sliwa — December 11, 2014

A fabulous gem-studded statement necklace is nothing less than a work of art to savor. In that light, I find it disappointing when such a necklace isn’t given a proper opportunity to shine.

1214 styling a gemstone necklace Vogue 1 REV

Consider a pair of photos from a December 2014 Vogue fashion spread celebrating floral bijoux from fine jewelry lines. The first of the photos pictures model Julia Bergshoeff wearing a colorful Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda necklace with a black off-the-shoulder dress from the same design house. The necklace coordinates with the neckline of the dress perfectly, accentuating Bergshoeff’s collarbone and drawing attention to her face The dress provides the perfect backdrop, not competing for attention.

1214 styling a gemstone necklace Vogue 2 REV

In the second photo, Bergshoeff is pictured in an eye-catching ensemble consisting of a black fox fur bolero from Marni with a scalloped edge pink-on-black print leather skirt from Louis Vuitton. The necklace she wears is a spectacular vintage diamond necklace from Cartier.

Sadly, the Cartier necklace gets lost in all the drama of her ensemble, barely noticeable in a still photo that doesn’t, and can’t, reflect the scintillating sparkle the necklace no doubt throws off. The necklace looks washed out against her pale skin in relation to the intensity of the jet black ensemble, especially with the colorful detail of the leather skirt competing for the viewer’s eye.

The necklace also is too long for the model, noticeably less flattering to her than the shorter Dolce & Gabbana necklace pictured above. (Trained image consultants and those finicky about proportions will recognize the difference is the placement of the latter necklace at the model’s second balance point.)  Bringing the necklace up toward her face by shortening it just a few inches would make all the difference .

Particularly with a necklace so expensive that the price isn’t quoted except by request, but equally true for all jewelry, this rule holds true:  Like the far less permanent garments accompanying it, jewelry should fit and flatter. Couture jewelry should be tailored to perfection.

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