Hoop Earrings Come Around Again

By Cynthia Sliwa — May 21, 2015

Undeniably a favorite, a style that works with any but the most formal fashions, hoop earrings are back in the spotlight this season.

0515 hoops 0615 Glamour Anna Kendrick cover REV

On the cover of the June 2015 issue of  Glamour, actress Anna Kendrick wears large gold hoop earrings from Me&Ro with a print Gucci dress.

0515 hoops 0615 Glamour Sequin embellished REV

An alternate look featured inside the June 2015 issue of Glamour spotlights embellished hoop earrings with “a little sparkle” from Sequin.

0515 hoops 0615 InStyle Anglea Bassett REV

Actress Angela Bassett wears large gold-plated hoop earrings along with cuffs and a ring, all from Karine Sultan jewelry, in this photo from the June 2015 issue of InStyle. The article also features a pair of gold-plated cuffs from Susan  Hanover.

0515 hoops 0315 HB Ippolita tan leather spread REV

The March 2015 issue of Harper’s Bazaar features gold hoops from Ippolita , a necklace of hammered gold from David Webb, and an elaborate wristwatch from Patek Philippe with an assortment of caramel and tan accessories.

0515 hoops 0315 MC denim w Dior Fire Jewelry hoops 72dpi REV

Hoop earrings make multiple appearances in the March 2015 issue of Marie Claire. Above, a denim shirt from Chloe is accessorized with textured hoop earrings from Dior Fine Jewelry.

0515 hoops 0215 Self Miriam Salat earrings REV

An entire six-page fashion spread on lace fashions in the February 2015 issue of Self  is styled with a variety of hoop earrings. In the photo above, a lace ensemble from Preen by Thornton Bregazzi is accessorized with large hoop earrings from Miriam Salat.

0515 hoops 0515 More Jessica Alba REV

Large hoops are sometimes styled with smaller hoops worn further up the ear. Actress Jessica Alba is pictured in the May 2015 issue of More pairing large 18kt gold hoop earrings from Dean Harris with delicate 14kt gold and diamond earrings with chain from Catbird. She also wears a narrow gold-plated cuff from Jennifer Fisher and a 14kt yellow and rose gold ring from Tilda Biehn.

0515 hoops 0515 Lucky RJ Graziano 72dpi REV

Actress Olga Kurylenko models large hoops from R.J. Graziano along with small hoops from Catbird (and a rather funny face) in this photo from the May 2015 issue of Lucky.

0515 hoops 0515 InStyle citrine garnet REV

Embellished hoops are also receiving press. The May 2015 issue of InStyle spotlights gem-studded hoops of various sizes from Ippolita, Nak Armstrong, Cynthia Bach, Coomi, and Marco Bicego. Marion Fasel writes: “Sprinkled with gorgeous citrine or garnet stones, these timeless pieces suddenly can’t stop glowing.”

0515 hoops 0515 More Stella McCartney Plexiglas hoops REV

Not all the hoop earrings are rendered in metal. The May 2015 issue of More spotlights clear Plexiglas hoops from Stella McCartney.

0515 hoops 0315 PSW hoops out bad advice REV

Apparently the staff at People Style Watch did not receive the memo. The March 2015 issue tells readers that big hoops are among the trends to stash this season, explaining that “ear cuffs are the latest way to make a statement for spring.”

0515 hoops 0315 PSW hoops out bad advice CU Zendaya

Nevertheless, singer Zendaya is pictured in large hoop earrings on that very page. No doubt ear cuffs are having a fashion moment. They can easily be combined with hoops. The consensus seems to be that this is not the season to stash your hoops.

Price Check:

  • Catbird:  14kt gold and diamond earrings with chain (5/15 More), price upon request; tiny hoop earrings (5/15 Lucky), $88
  • Coomi:  diamond, Madeira citrine cabochon and 20kt gold hoops (5/15 InStyle), $9,900
  • Cynthia Back:  citrine cabochon and 18kt gold hoops (5/15 InStyle), $5,850
  • David Webb:  hammered gold necklace (3/15 Harper’s Bazaar), price upon request
  • Dean Harris:  18kt gold hoop earrings (5/15 More), price upon request
  • Dior Fine Jewelry:  textured large hoops (3/15 Marie Claire), price upon request
  • Ippolita:  gold hoop earrings (3/15 Harper’s Bazaar), $1,695; hessonite garnet and 18kt gold hoops (5/15 InStyle), $3,495
  • Jennifer Fisher:  114kt gold-plated cuff (5/15 More), price upon request
  • Karine Sultan:  gold-plated hoop earrings, cuffs and ring (6/15 InStyle), prices upon request
  • Marco Bicego: citrine and 18kt gold hoops (5/15 InStyle), $1,230
  • Me&Ro:  large hoop earrings (6/15 Glamour), $3,450
  • Miriam Salat:  hoop earrings (2/15 Self), $295
  • Nak Armstrong:  mandarin garnet and 18kt gold hoops (5/15 InStyle), $5,900
  • Patek Phillipe wristwatch (3/15 Harper’s Bazaar), price upon request
  • R.J. Graziano:  large hoop earrings (5/15 Lucky), $30
  • Sequin:  embellished hoop earrings (6/15 Glamour), $98
  • Stella McCartney:  clear Plexiglas post-style hoops (5/15 More), price upon request
  • Susan Hanover:  gold-plated cuffs (6/15 InStyle), $250 each
  • Tilda Biehn:  14kt yellow and rose gold ring (5/15 More), price upon request

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