Dramatic Color Complements Accentuated with Jewelry

By Cynthia Sliwa — August 27, 2015

The September 2015 issue of Southern Living features four women power players who “make game day happen” in the magazine’s Fall Style Guide. While all the women are lovely and styled beautifully, one image stands out as an example of dramatic dressing with color.

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The Assistant Director of Education and Raptor Training (yes, Raptor Training) for Auburn University, Marianne Hudson, looks spectacular wearing the Auburn colors of burnt orange and navy blue in a blue lace gown from Carmen Marc Valvo accented with a vibrant feather-print scarf from Bindya New York, an orange tassel belt from Serena and Lily, and stunning Athena Earrings from Deepa Gurnani. The earrings, which are constructed of cotton embroidered with crystals and lined with cow hide, beautifully play off the colors of her ensemble. A look that vibrant and dramatic calls for earrings that can stand up to the energy of the ensemble, and these earrings are a beautiful choice.

Hudson’s other eye-catching accessory in the photo is the University’s eagle, the magazine noting that “the iconic pregame flight doesn’t happen without [Hudson].” She trains with the eagle on the field for an hour every day June through December, and reports that the eagle “doesn’t respond to my affections or praise: he is conditioned to come to me for food.” She further notes:¬† “You have to be fearless. Eagles’ talons are meant to kill prey as big as young elk. I wear a glove, but I can still feel the immense pressure of his grip, which changes with his mood.”

Even without the raptor, dramatic style and extraordinary jewelry can keep your audience rapt.

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