Cool “Pearls” for Hot Flashes & Heat Waves

By Cynthia Sliwa — June 25, 2015

Well-chosen jewelry is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing–it adorns and flatters the wearer.  It can also make the wearer feel more attractive, exciting, sophisticated, or powerful.

Some jewelry has more than the usual amount of functionality. One superb example:  the “Hot Girls Pearls” that can help cool the hot flashes that many women experience during menopause. All pearls are hot this season, but these “pearls” are actually literally also cool:   These chunky faux pearls are large enough to encapsulate a useful amount of nontoxic cooling gel. Chilled in the freezer, the pearls are designed to provide cooling relief when worn as a necklace or bracelet.

Hotgirlspearls Sunset 20 inch necklace REV

Illustration:  20″ Sunset Cooling Necklace

The inventor/designer, Connie Sherman, introduced the jewelry in 2011, and was profiled in the Huffington Post in a 2013 piece by Lori Weiss. Sherman explained her design to Weiss:

“I went to the store and bought a bag of those colorful plastic ice cubes — the kind that don’t melt in your drink. They’re filled with water and you just stick them in the freezer and they stay cold for hours. I taped them to a string and wrapped them around my neck and I knew, at that moment, I was on to something.  . . . They kept the chill for about 45 minutes. And I knew if I could find a way to make an attractive necklace that worked in the same way, there were lots of women who would want one. I couldn’t be the only one schvitzing her way through menopause.”

Sherman tracked down the manufacturer of those cubes, and together they developed various prototypes. Sherman continued:  “We realized that the less of the surface that touched the warmth of the skin, the longer it would hold the cold. There’s no flat surface on a pearl, so only a tiny part touches your body — and the larger the pearls are, the longer the cold lasts.”

Hot Girls Pearls launched, selling 28 mm pearls filled with a gel that, when placed in the freezer, turns into a solid that holds a chill for up to an hour. The pearls are sold with a travel purse that a woman can keep in her purse to keep the pearls ready to use for about four hours. Hot Girls Pearls are available in three colors, in 16, 18 and 20 inch necklaces and in 8 1/4 inch long bracelets. They fasten with magnetic clasps and are accented with silver findings and Swarovski crystal pearls and rondelles.

Hotgirlspearls Whoppie Goldberg wearing necklace on The View per Huffington Post REV

Illustration:  Whoopi Goldberg modeling Hot Girls Pearls on “The View.”

Hot Girls Pearls have been endorsed on “The Today Show” and on “The View.”

Hotgirlspearls Womens Day Oct 2014 v1 72dpi REV

The October 2014 issue of Family Circle most recently spotlighted the jewelry, the magazine’s testers verifying the functionality of the chunky faux pearls.

As Sherman notes in her interview with Weiss, the cooling jewelry is useful for other purposes: “it wasn’t just women who were dealing with menopause who were logging on to Connie’s website. It was women who were undergoing chemotherapy, others who had migraines, even women who had lupus and multiple sclerosis — things she’d never considered.” The pearls can help cool a fever, provide cooling comfort when playing or watching sports or gardening, or simply provide relief from scorching summer weather. The cooling effects are reportedly immediate and last for up to one hour.

Hotgirlspearls Evening Midnight bracelet Capture REV

Illustration:  Evening Cooling Bracelet

Price Check:

Hotgirlspearls:  Necklaces, $120 – $140; bracelets, $80

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