Bold, Beautiful Brooches Fall 2015

By Cynthia Sliwa — July 23, 2015

When fashion houses as disparate as Chanel, Prada, Armani, Louis Vuitton and Lanvin endorse an accessory, it constitutes a noteworthy trend. The early reports of fall2015 fashion indicate the resurgence of the brooch as a style maker in a fashionable woman’s wardrobe. Anne Slowey, reporting on the fall/winter 2015 season runway report in the June 2015 issue of Elle, notes “the comeback of gloves and brooches.”

brooches 0715 0815 PSW vintagey brooches Forest of Chintz REV

The August 2015 issue of People Style Watch includes among the top 10 trends for fall, “Brooches [that] add oomph to your outfit.” Noting that “vintagey brooches” were featured at the Prada runway show, the magazine features an eye-shaped brooch in silk with sequin and pearl detail from Forest of Chintz, and a brooch with a dangling arrowhead in bone and druzy from Neely Phelan.

brooches 0715 070815 More Maltese cross brooch REV

The July/August 2015 issue of More magazine reports that brooches “are back in fashion and chic in a bevy of classic styles. Yes, it’s time to get pinned.” Pictured above is a Maltese cross brooch with cabochon sapphire, coral, diamonds and white enamel in 18kt gold and platinum from David Webb.  The magazine notes that the brooch “would look gorgeous on any lapel” and also embellishing the waist band of a dress or skirt.

brooches 0715 070815 More military badge brooches 72dpi REV

Military-badge-inspired brooches are the second category of brooches spotlighted in the July/August 2015 issue of More. The magazine recommends that they be worn “clustered in a group for maximum impact (on the shoulder, at the collar)” optimally in “an odd number held together visually by shape or color.” Pictured are two brooches from Oscar de la Renta, plus additional designs from Ben-Amun, Kenneth Jay Lane, and R.J. Graziano.

brooches 0715 070815 More Victorian starburst brooch REV

The third category of brooches spotlighted in the July/August 2015 issue of More are starburst brooches — more specifically, a Victorian starburst brooch/pendant set with mine-cut diamonds from Fred Leighton, circa 1890.

brooches 0715 0815 Glamour Louis Vuitton brooch REV

The August 2015 issue of Glamour includes a spread on the latest designs in handbags:  “purses with character. Show them off with statement nails and jewelry.” Color-block bags from Fendi and CH Carolina Herrera are accented with a huge modernistic brooch from Louis Vuitton pinned onto a vibrant sleeveless dress from Valentino, plus a Vhernier bracelet, Maiyet ring, and “menswear-inspired” wristwatch from Chanel.

brooches 0715 0715 MC Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane REV

An edgier fashion spread incorporating the brooch in the July 2015 issue of Marie Claire features “Fall’s mash-up of rich textures, eclectic prints, and uncommon shapes.” A bolero and dress ensemble worn with a  brooch, all from Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane, is pictured to the right in the above photo. The ensemble to the left is from the same designer.

brooches 0715 0515 T&C Van Cleef jewelry course gem meanings aqaumarine REV

Reporting on a class in talismanic jewelry at the Van Cleef & Arpels L’Ecole, the May 2015 issue of Town & Country spotlights archival brooches in horseshoe and ladybug designs, along with emerald earrings, from that design house, as well as Cartier coral ladybug brooches. The magazine also note the symbolism of the peacock, seen in an Elizabeth Locke brooch, and the skull, pictured in an Amedeo ring, plus the powers of amber (pictured in Sylva & Cie earrings), malachite (pictured in a Kara Ross bracelet),and aquamarine (set into a winged Verdura brooch). About the latter, the magazine notes that aquamarine is “A sailor’s good luck talisman. Works for even mere mortals traveling over water.”

brooches 0715 0515 T&C butterfly brooches REV

The May 2015 issue of Town & Country also includes a gorgeous spread picturing genuine and bejeweled butterflies — brooches from designers Oscar Heyman, Van Cleef & Arpels, Buccellati, Hemmerle, and Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany & Co., and a white and yellow diamond butterfly ring from Graff.

brooches 0715 0415 HB Morgane Polanski brooch pendant combo 72dpi REV

In the April 2015 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, actress Morgane Polanski is pictured wearing a David Webb butterfly brooch pinned inside a long pendant necklace from Jennifer Alfano on a detailed Chanel blouse. Her rings are her own, not credited. Here’s a first glimmering of fresh stylings incorporating brooches. No doubt there will be much more to note with the incorporation of brooches into chic looks as the fall/winter season progresses.


Price Check:

  • Amedeo:  skull ring (5/15 Town & Country), $6,300
  • Ben-Amun:  24kt gold-plated brooch with glass pearls “and baroque pearl” (7-8/15 More), price upon request
  • Buccellati:  pearl and diamond butterfly brooch (5/15 Town & Country), $61,000
  • Cartier:  coral ladybug brooches (5/15 Town & Country), from $8,800
  • Chanel:  wristwatch with bright strap (8/15 Glamour), price upon request
  • David Webb:  Maltese cross 18kt gold and platinum brooch with white enamel, coral, cabochon sapphire and diamonds (7-8/15 More), price upon request
  • Elizabeth Locke:  peacock motif brooch (5/15 Town & Country), $8,775
  • Forest of Chintz:  “The Eye Spy Brooch” in silk with sequin and faux pearl (8/15 People Style Watch), $90
  • Fred Leighton:  Victorian starburst brooch with mine-cut diamonds (7-8/15 More), price upon request
  • Graff:  white and yellow diamond butterfly ring (5/15 Town & Country), price upon request
  • Hemmerle:  sapphire butterfly brooch (5/15 Town & Country), price upon request
  • Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany & Co.:  diamond and amethyst butterfly brooch (5/15 Town & Country), $45,000
  • Kara Ross:  malachite bracelet (5/15 Town & Country), $33,395
  • Kenneth Jay Lane:  22kt gold-plated brooch with crystals and resin (7-8/15 More), price upon request
  • Louis Vuitton:  modernistic brooch (8/15 Glamour), $875
  • Maiyet:   ring (8/15 Glamour), $395
  • Neely Phelan:  “Buffalo Druzy Brooch” of bone and druzy (8/15 People Style Watch), $85
  • Oscar de la Renta:  military-medal-inspired resin and gold-plated brass brooch, and crystal and metal brooch (7-8/15 More), prices upon request
  • Oscar Heyman:  diamond butterfly brooch (5/15 Town & Country), $20,000
  • Prada:  brooches from runway show (8/15 People Style Watch), prices upon request
  • R.J. Graziano:  gold-plated brooch with resin (7-8/15 More), price upon request
  • Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane:  brooch (7/15 Marie Claire), $695
  • Sylva & Cie:  amber earrings (5/15 Town & Country), $6,000
  • Van Cleef & Arpels:  butterfly brooch of spinel, onyx and diamonds; archival horseshoe brooch; archival ladybug brooch, and emerald earrings (all, 5/15 Town & Country), all, prices upon request
  • Verdura:  aquamarine winged brooch (5/15 Town & Country), $67,000
  • Vhernier:  gold bracelet (8/15 Glamour), price upon request

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