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I’ve been writing about jewelry and fashion for over a decade, and have been a jewelry aficionado as long as I can remember.

It is my particular delight to document jewelry sightings in the fashion press, from the ridiculous to the sublime. I serve as a virtual curator, trend spotter, and early warning system on the rise and fall of fads. At my essence, I am a fashion editor, distilling useful advice from the information haphazardly gleaned by unsuspecting readers from fashion stylists, many of whom have not only a point of view but also often a particular agenda.  I strive to reconcile the often conflicting style advice found in the fashion world by putting it into context that makes sense on a personal level to my readers.

I believe . . . that style is achievable at ALL price levels, although to be sure, there are magnificent jewels that find no equivalent in the world of costume jewelry.

I also believe. . . that for the sheer joy of fun and sometimes outrageously over-the-top pieces, there is often NO substitute in the world of fine jewels for the exuberant designs by artists who work in more humble materials.

Far too often jewelry is given short shrift by would-be fashion influencers who focus on über-affordable of-the-moment fads.  I invite you to think of jewelry from quite a different perspective.  Jewelry is:

  • a means to upgrade and refine a look.
  • an accessory that can be employed to highlight your best features.
  • a way to inject a bit of your unique personality into your personal style.

In short, wearing jewelry is an investment in yourself. Whether your goal is to be cutting edge current or elegantly classic, I hope that TRULY JEWELRY helps you discover the what, why and how of wearing jewelry well.

theimagecounselorA bit more about me . . . 

Hello!  I’m Cynthia Sliwa. Welcome to TrulyJewelry.com.  For over five years, I authored the Jewelry Fashion File blog (formerly called Jewels on Jewels) for jckonline.com, the web site for the pre-eminent American jewelry industry publication, JCK Magazine, writing twice a week about jewelry style trends. The blog followed publication of the book Jewelry Savvy: What Every Jewelry Wearer Should Know, which I co-authored in 2007.

My interest in jewelry is innate; my perspective on jewelry was honed by my training in image consulting and my studies of the principles of color, proportion, scale, and the myriad other factors that contribute to a cohesive and flattering image. I earned professional credentials including an advanced Certified Image Professional (CIP) designation from the Association of Image Consultants International in 2008; in 2005 I was awarded AICI’s Rising Star Award.

My background includes studies at the Gemological Institute of America, the creation of a line of fine jewelry for the niche plus size market in 2003, and over a dozen years of experience as a collector and seller of vintage costume jewelry, which activities I enjoy to this day. Some of my eBay offerings are likely to appear from time to time in my blog.

I love talking and writing about jewelry. I conduct workshops for fashion-savvy jewelry lovers, customized for associations, private parties, and the customers of fine jewelry stores. As The Image Counselor™, I help individuals refine their personal and professional image and, of course, develop the perfect jewelry wardrobe. I also pen the blog TrulyBecoming.com, conversations about authentic style for women over 40.

Please post a comment to a post if you are so inclined, or email me with your questions or suggestions for future blog posts. Your input will make this blog more valuable to you and your fellow readers. Thank you for your interest in TrulyJewelry.com.

And now a word about our (future) sponsors:
TrulyJewelry.com is available for sponsorship and advertising from brands that will be of interest to the readers of this blog. Please email me for information on how we might share your message with my readers.

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