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Leather and Faux Leather Jewelry

Leather watch bands are perennially chic, but this season, leather makes a strong showing in other forms of jewelry. [...]

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Untraditional Jewelry for the Ears

Jewelry is finding its way up onto the top portion of the ear–one ear, singly–for a bit of asymmetrical [...]

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Tantalizing Tassel Jewelry Part 2: Metal and Silk

Among the plethora of tassel-adorned jewelry this season are striking designs accented metal and silk. Singer Gwen Stefani wears [...]

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Tantalizing Tassel Jewelry Part 1: Pearls and Beads

The sexy sway of tassels renders them a perennial favorite, and this season brings a delicious variety of alluring [...]

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Nothing to Knock: Jewelry Highlighting the Beauty of Wood

Artisans who work with wood speak of finding the singular beauty in every piece from which they craft their [...]

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Getting a Lock on Grids

The perennially popular combination black and white is taking on a particularly graphic effect this season with an abundance [...]

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