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Stars & Starbursts

Celestial themes are perennial favorites, and this season provides fresh designs of starbursts and stars worth wishing for, if [...]

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Black Ribbons Around the Neck: Echoes of Edwardian Design

The first glimmerings of this jewelry trend can be found in the April 2012 issue of Town & Country, [...]

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Doubling Down: Pointed Dangly Earrings

Along with the Y-shape necklaces of which I recently wrote, earrings are also giving viewers reasons to let their [...]

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Metal With a Twist, a Fold, or a Different Bent

Metal, completely unadorned, is proving its limitless potential for jewelry designs this season. The new twist is twists?twists, folds, [...]

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Y-Shape Necklaces: Beyond the Lariat

Once again this season, fashion has taken a shine to the sensuous look of Y-shape necklaces. This is a [...]

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Neon’s Insistent Glow: Hot Hues in Jewelry

Neon colors are attention-getting, no doubt. Summer is the ideal season to sample the hues, as neon speaks of [...]

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