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A Touch of the Exotic in Jewelry

Perhaps it’s because the summer is the season for travel that looking to inspiration from distant lands seems just [...]

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Iconic Movie Memories

Last week, I was privileged to enjoy a special thrill:  recalling some of the iconic moments of early American [...]

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Lovely Lockets

Statement necklaces continue to be big both literally and figuratively this season, but when the occasion calls for more [...]

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Feature Presentations: Lips & Eyes

Artists are inspired by muses, and jewelry artists too may find inspiration in the style of a particular woman. [...]

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Bows Art

In my last post, we saw that a tiny pair of bow-shape earrings are appropriate adornment to the minimalist [...]

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Monograms & Other Preppy Touches of Jewelry

I’ll start this blog post where I ended the last one, with a chunky Ralph Lauren chain-link bracelet that [...]

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