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Lessons in Jewelry Styling from Armani

When an ensemble works perfectly from head to toe, with each design element working seamlessly with all the others, [...]

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Transparent Treasures

With all the vibrant colors and prints populating fashion look books this spring, it’s no wonder that designers are [...]

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The Long & Short of It: Collar Plus Pendant Necklace Combinations

One of the current trends is wearing a combination of short and long pieces: a collar (with or without [...]

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Jewels in the Hair Spring 2012 Style

Jeweled headbands and barrettes have been appearing regularly in the fashion press since last autumn in anticipation of the [...]

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The Chic New Look of Men’s Bracelets

An article by Clint Rainey in the March 12-19, 2012 issue of New York magazine states it clearly: Men’s [...]

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Sporty and Girly Too: Accessorizing Sporty Looks With Jewelry

With a few notable, if sometimes impractical, exceptions, athletes are not too interested in wearing jewelry while actively participating [...]

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