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Tricks ‘n’ Treats for the Shoulder

Yet another way to bring attention up toward the neck is to adorn one or both shoulders with an [...]

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Vamping Up the Peter Pan Collar With Jewelry

This season, fashion is very much focused on the neck. As I’ve previously noted in my blog, short necklaces, [...]

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Red Pants & the Perfect Jewelry

The fashion world is seeing red–plenty of red–when it comes to women’s pants this season. Lipstick-red pants, in all [...]

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Southwestern Enchantment

Just back from my first vacation in New Mexico, “Land of Enchantment,” my mind lingers on memories of the [...]

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Dressing to Convey Strength: Styling Perfection with a Necklace

Every once in a while a photograph catches my eye in its demonstration of how one item of jewelry [...]

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Sweet Suites of Jewelry & Fashions: The Exciting Return of Matchy-Matchy

When both a fashion icon and the host of a major awards show choose to wear to that event [...]

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