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Earrings: How Not to “Go Pear Shaped” Over Pear Shapes

The 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards–one of the most significant red carpet events on the celebrity calendar–does much to set [...]

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The Why and How of Y-Shaped Necklaces

With a trend this season of necklaces worn close to the face, it makes sense that designers would find [...]

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All Choked Up

It’s the most extreme version of how far up toward the face a necklace can gravitate: the choker. As [...]

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Stylish Short Necklaces

With clothing styles bulking up with warmer fabrics and plenty of layers for fall 2011, successful styling often brings [...]

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Mad About Polka Dots

What stripes were to spring and summer, polka dots are to fall this year, popping up everywhere in the [...]

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Clutch Play with Jewels

There seems to be a common and unified perspective among fashion editors this season that handbags of all sorts [...]

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