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I Heart Giorgio Armani Design

As befits its inherent symbolism, the heart is a much-loved design motif. All manner of designs of hearts, from [...]

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Starstruck: Celestial Designs in Fashion & Jewelry

Stars as a design motif are in the fashion spotlight this season–scattered in lavish abundance on dresses both short [...]

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Black Edging, Piping & Outlines Emphasized with Jewelry

A striking design detail showing up in the collections of a number of fashion designers this season is the [...]

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Hey Girls–Guys Do Notice Your Jewelry

Here’s a noteworthy survey result from the September 2011 issue of Glamour. The magazine asked an unspecified number of [...]

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Less Than Optimal Necklace Stylings

Pictured in the pages of the August 2011 issue of InStyle magazine are two actresses who are admired for [...]

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Contemporary Looks in Pearls, From Demure to Daring

Pearls take their rightful place in any stylish wardrobe. They are a seasonless adornment, and have been appearing regularly [...]

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