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Stylish Life-Saving Jewelry

Most people are familiar with medical identification bracelets, bracelets intended to alert paramedics and other medical personnel of medical [...]

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Tough Girl, Bejeweled

Think of it as tough chic–a counterbalance to all that sweetness. Consider some of this season’s hottest trends: Flowers. [...]

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A Single Bangle Standing Alone

Stacked bracelets continue to be featured in many a fashion spread, and at the same time, there is something [...]

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Perennially Popular Petite Pendants

Although large, even huge, pendants suspended from appropriately heavy chains are very much on-trend, in large part due to [...]

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On Hand: The Surprise of Hand Bracelets

From time to time, jewelry styles outside of the mainstream are featured in the fashion press. Style outliers tend [...]

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Crossovers and Bypasses: Popular, If Unusual, Descriptive Terminology for Jewelry Styles

Coming up with evocative descriptive terms can be a challenge for a designer or retailer of jewelry. When I [...]

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