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A Tribal Vibe in Fashion & Jewelry — Part Two, The New Safari Style

Alongside the bright multi-color, multi-print versions of tribal style are a variation that starts with the muted hues of [...]

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A Tribal Vibe in Fashion & Jewelry — Part One, Riotous Colors & Patterns

A tribal mentality has captured the fancy of the fashion press this season. “Tribal” is a design catchword that [...]

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Into the Woods: Wood Elements in Jewelry

Nature-inspired colors, textures, and themes play an important role in fashion this season. The beauty of natural wood lends [...]

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Snakes & Snake Chains

Snakes and serpents have played significant roles in religion and mythology across centuries and cultures. The ancient Romans as [...]

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Face Time for Cameos in Both Antique & Modern Versions

Cameos, carvings, or simulated carvings featured raised images of faces or figures are once again back in vogue. One [...]

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Creative Mixes with Short Necklaces

Rigid, non-conforming short necklaces, a trend I wrote about in December, and chunky chains, ditto, are statement pieces all [...]

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