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To the Point: Index Finger Cocktail Rings Dazzle This Season

The holiday season has arrived, the season of all manner of get-togethers that give one an excuse to get [...]

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How to Wear the Chunkiest Jewelry

Statement jewelry continues to have its day in the sun. Among the chunkiest jewelry designs favored by the fashion [...]

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There’s a Difference Between Tantalizing and Over-Stimulating

Jewelry retailers and designers, like any retailers and designers, want and need to promote their wares, and potential buyers [...]

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Advice Columns: Supplementing an Expert’s “Wear Whatever You Like” Response

An opportunity for jewelers and jewelry designers occurs each time an inquiry that concerns jewelry appears in a fashion [...]

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The Signature Look of a Signet Ring

Thank you to all my patient readers, as my usual photo-jammed posts are delayed until return of my computer [...]

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Slow Down & Savor the Moment

I had a lengthy, photo-intensive blog post prepared and ready to post this morning, when last night Hermosa Beach [...]

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