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Call of the Wild Jewelry, Part 2: Fur

The September 2010 issue of Vogue devotes an eight-page fashion spread featuring performance artist Nick Cave in outrageous and [...]

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Call of the Wild Jewelry, Part 1: Feathers

Feathers, the plumage of birds, have been used in personal adornment for centuries by cultures around the world. This [...]

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Sophisticated Palette: Tone-on-Tone Dressing

There is no more elegant and expensive looking way to dress than in apparel and accessories in compositions of [...]

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Lace & Lacy Fashions & Jewels

Put the concepts “ladylike” and “textured” together, two of the major themes for fall fashion this year, and it’s [...]

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Focus on the Eyes – or the Lips – with Well-Chosen Jewelry

The September 2010 issue of InStyle magazine does a retrospective on past looks from the Emmy Awards, including a [...]

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Jewelry to Wear with Plaids

Plaids are popular again this fall in variations from bright Tartans to subtle suiting fabrics. More magazine demonstrates in [...]

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