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From the Wrists of Babes: Creating a New Generation of Bracelet Lovers

A new phenomenon has caught the fancy of young consumers around the country–colorful silicone bracelets called SillyBandz. Worn in [...]

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Charmed, I’m Sure

One trend with longevity is unquestionably charming–the continuing delight found in accumulations of charms worn as a miniature collections [...]

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Try Before You Buy with a Faux Engagement Ring?

It’s a marketing strategy clever enough to receive a quarter-page worth of press coverage in the July 2010 issue [...]

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Is Make-Believe Really Necessary in Media Jewelry Styling?

Creativity is the hallmark of a good media stylist. The ability to improvise cleverly with whatever materials are at [...]

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See the Pattern: Textures on Textures

Take a step back from stylish, of-the-moment designs in fashion and you may see a pattern–a pattern of patterns, [...]

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Wristwatches Worn Loosely Like Bracelets

In the summer heat, there’s something lovely about wearing things that are not tight and constricting–breezy sundresses and gauzy [...]

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