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Too, Too Much or Never Enough?

The variety of desirable jewelry can seem overwhelming at times, and choosing among competing designs, a daunting task. Maybe [...]

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Belle Shells

Even those who live far from any beach have a fresh appreciation for both the beauty and the bounty [...]

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Triple Play: Delicate Pendants on a Trio of Staggered Length Chains

Statement necklaces have been big, both literally and figuratively, over the last several seasons–so much so that a simple [...]

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Trend Watch: Buttons, Blossoms & Clusters at the Ears

One trend I’ve been following received endorsement at the 64th Annual Tony awards this past Sunday by not one [...]

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The Versatility of a Simple Bangle Bracelet

Versatility is a feature that adds immeasurably to the perceived value of an item. Many styles of jewelry are [...]

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Trend Watch: The One-Shouldered Dress with a Choker-Length Necklace

The trend-setters in the mainstream fashion media love to make pronouncements as to what is in and what is [...]

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