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Professional Stylists & Image Consultants, and Why You Gotta Love Rachel Zoe

Whether or not you’re a fan of reality television, if you follow fashion, you’re almost certainly familiar with Rachel [...]

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Anklets & Ankle Bracelets, With or Without Attached Shoes

Short skirts are back, and shorts are being promoted as a cool, stylish alternative to skirts and slacks for [...]

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Totally Tubular

There are trends in beads and trends in fine metal designs, and it’s intriguing to see that designers working [...]

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Jewelry Choices to Welcome with Open Arms, Whatever Their Shape

The April 2010 issue of More magazine addresses an issue that concerns many women: less than perfectly shaped and [...]

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Styling Perfection with a Bracelet

Every once in a while a photograph catches my eye in its demonstration of how one item of jewelry [...]

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Just Because You’re an Athlete Doesn’t Mean Your Personality Style Is Sporty

Tennis star Maria Sharapova is not only a powerhouse on the court, she is also, as the April 2010 [...]

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