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Missoni Knits & Necklaces: A Study of Contrasts & Neck Lengths

Following up on a comment to my March 24 blog post on Alpha Necklaces, I agree that it is [...]

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Nomad’s Land: Bring on the Baubles, Bangles & Beads

For every trend, there is a countervailing trend. The polished professional look seen in the return of menswear-inspired pantsuits [...]

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Standouts: Alpha Necklaces Inspired by Omega Necklace Style

Statement necklaces are having their moment in the sun, and designers of a wide range of aesthetic sensibilities have [...]

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Styling an “It” Dress with Jewelry

On occasion, one garment so typifies fresh style and so captures the fancy of editors, that it appears in [...]

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Adorning a Woman: Artistry in a Jewelry Ad Styling

The ad design is simple-a photograph of the upper torso of a woman in profile wearing a black leotard [...]

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Jewelry Choices for Vibrant Prints

Prints are everywhere this spring, sometimes worn mixed together in riots of color, and always eye-catching. In the article [...]

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