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How a Necklace Might Look Hot Under Your Collar

This season has brought several examples already of jewelry worn over garments in creative and unexpected ways. We’ve seen [...]

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One Necklace + Two Brooches + Designer Inspiration = Exciting Jewelry Styling

There’s something wonderfully appealing about versatile jewelry that lends itself to being worn in more than one way. One [...]

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The Vee Neck Adorned vs. Unadorned: When Not to Add a Necklace

The little black dress (LBD) is a perennial staple of women’s wardrobes. And this season, eye-catching necklaces are ubiquitous–every [...]

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More Fringe Benefits

Here are a few more illustrations of this important spring trend for your consideration: From the March 2010 issue [...]

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Trend Watch: Jewelry on the Fringe

With such characteristics as sparkle, gleam and shine, jewelry is eye-catching. Add motion to a piece of jewelry, and [...]

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Earrings that Elongate the Neck–Not!

There are some physical features almost universally desirable in terms of modern standards of beauty. One of these is [...]

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