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The Influential Bride: How Ivanka Trump’s Wedding Style May Cause an End to the Ubiquity of Strapless Gowns and Influence Brides to Wear Jewelry in Their Hair

One beautiful and influential bride can have a significant effect on the direction of bridal fashion. Last Sunday, Ivanka [...]

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Spilling the Beads–Long Necklaces with the Season’s Blouses

Adornment around the neck continues as the key trend in jewelry this season, the easiest way to update a [...]

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Surprising Poll Numbers About Piled-On Pearls in Glamour Magazine

Despite the fashion world’s enthusiastic endorsement of wearing many, many strands of real or faux pearls together, and the [...]

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Trend Watch: Exuberant Color–Jewelry for the Young and the Young at Heart

With jewelry this season trending toward low-key matte, japanned and antiqued metals and colorless stones (more on these trends [...]

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What Jewelry to Wear with Brass Buttons & Military-Inspired Style

The military look has been big this past year in the music world, with Coldplay riffing on the style [...]

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Wristwatch Wardrobing and the Power of the Third

In a businessperson’s wardrobe, as any image consultant will tell you, there is power in the “third piece,” typically [...]

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