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Photo Find: The Sexiest Use of Figural Brooches Ever

From time to time, I come across a photo of an individual styled so beautifully with jewelry that the [...]

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Marketing Watch: Color Backstory

Color inspires. It creates moods; it excites or calms. Color is nothing short of a miracle most of us [...]

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Customer Watch: Poorly Designed Jewelry Does Not Befit a Beauty Queen

It certainly wasn’t the reason she lost the crown and was named first runner up in the 2009 Miss [...]

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Customer Watch: How to Get Your Customers to Try Yellow Gold

We all know individuals who wear only white metals. Indeed, we may also know others who wear only yellow [...]

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Customer Watch: Gemstones in a Jar

Diamonds and other precious stones have always been associated with beauty. Is there any tangible thing that can light [...]

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Trend Watch: Embellished Hoop Earrings

All manner of retro influences have been significant this season. One style of earring that has had a resurgence [...]

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