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Jewelry at the 2009 Academy Awards ? Part 2: Necklaces & More

My last post focused on earrings at this year’s Oscars, both the noteworthy and the numerous cases of unexpected [...]

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Musings on Jewelry at the 2009 Academy Awards: Earrings

Everyone’s a critic when it comes to the fashions and jewelry at the celebrity world’s biggest red carpet event [...]

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More Fun with Chain Brooches — Reminiscent of Sweater Clips & Chatelaines

Versatility adds to the perceived value of jewelry. My recent blog posting on the Chanel chain brooch demonstrates how [...]

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Marketing Watch: Speaking Bespoke Jewelry

If you create and sell your own custom jewelry designs, you will no doubt be interested in this tidbit [...]

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Trend Watch: Innovative Hybrid: The Chain Brooch

I love to see a fresh idea in jewelry, especially one that might spin off an array of ideas [...]

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Ad Watch: Jewelry in Meters, Not Millimeters

With digital photography allowing all manner of images to be reproduced on fabric, this current ad by Roberto Cavalli [...]

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