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Trend Watch: More Bad Advice as to What?s Out

Last week, I did my part to shoot down the suggestion from Harper’s Bazaar that stud earrings are “Out.” Today, [...]

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Trend Watch: Studs Are on the Radar

Just a quick follow-up this day after Thanksgiving Black Friday. Lest the advice from Harper’s Bazaar I passed along to [...]

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Customer Watch: What Is Never Out, No Matter What They Say

There it is, on the last page of the December 2008 issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine – the pronouncements [...]

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Trend Watch: Winter Wonderland

While the wildfires of Southern California are so recent that ash and soot still spot surfaces that have been [...]

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Ad Watch: Pearls on the Half Shell

Paging through the November 2008 issue of Elle magazine, I had to stop and admire this latest ad from [...]

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Customer Watch: Jewelry for the Job Seeker

Dress for the position you aspire to have. I have both heard and given this advice many times over [...]

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