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Customer Watch: When Long Sleeves Are Not Right

Bracelet-length or three-quarters sleeves have been popular over the last few seasons, and for good reason. They allow the [...]

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Trend Watch: Perfect Match–The Return of the Demi-Parure

Matching handbags to shoes, or shoes to handbags, used to be an art form. I still remember most fondly, [...]

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Customer Watch: Adding Pizzazz with Metals

Taking their cures from precious metals, the evening gowns worn to the Daytime Emmy Awards, with rare exceptions, dazzled [...]

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Trend Watch: Big, Bigger, Biggest Earrings at the Primetime Emmy Awards

If the economy is in a slump, one wouldn’t know it by watching the 60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards [...]

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Trend Watch: Fragile Fabrics with Heavy Accessories?Wear at Your Own Risk

Some months ago, I walked into a mass market clothing store to see whether I might supplement my wardrobe [...]

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Trend Watch: Tips for the Recession: Fresh Ideas and Inexpensive Updates for Jewelry

In the “Ask Mrs. Exeter” column in the September 2008 issue of Vogue magazine, is posted the almost inevitable [...]

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