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Customer Watch: Laugh Crinkles

I have neither the time nor the inclination to subscribe to medical journals, but they are occasionally mined for [...]

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Trend Watch: Architectural Forms in Fashion

A dream for many of the creative, free-spirited jewelry designers out there, a key trend for fall and winter [...]

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Customer Watch: The Perfect Face

A determination of face shape and an assessment of facial features enters into any assessment of what styles would [...]

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Trend Watch: Lace and Refinement?The New Creative Mix

Lace is an amazing textile. A net-like fabric, in its purest form, made by hand, it is truly an [...]

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Customer Watch: Mixing Jewelry with Tattoos

How does one recommend or choose jewelry for an individual whose body is adorned with tattoos? This question was [...]

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Trend Watch: A Bevy of Baubles Balance a Bright Skirt

This autumn, body-hugging pencil skirts are in style, but some of the freshest designs in skirts are full and [...]

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