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Customer Watch: Jewelry to Draw Attention to a Cleft Chin

Following up on the question I received last week from Delia on how I might complement a cleft chin [...]

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Trend Watch: Pile On the Necklaces

The tendency to pile on the jewelry has migrated from wrists to necks. Utilizing what appears to be an [...]

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Photo Foul: Sheer But Not Genius

From time to time, I come across a photo of an individual styled so beautifully with jewelry that the [...]

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Customer Watch: Paparazzi Photos and Signature Jewelry

To be sure, not every jeweler has the patronage and repeat business of popular celebrities, yet in American popular [...]

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Trend Watch: Statement Necklaces–The Weight of the Matter

With all the emphasis on statement necklaces this season, there’s an issue that literally can be a bit of [...]

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Customer Watch: Cleft Chins (and Some Very Handsome Faces)

One feature not to be overlooked as you consider the design elements of a face, is a cleft chin. [...]

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