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Customer Watch: Warm or Cool — Choice or Habit

Customer Watch: Warm or Cool – Choice or Habit We all know individuals who “only” wear white metals or [...]

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Trend Watch: Chunky Turquoise

A perennial favorite, turquoise is once again catching the eye of fashion editors this season. What’s not to love [...]

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Ad Watch: Grains of Sand Where?

One can almost hear the advertising teams in their brainstorming sessions… how do we make our client’s product seasonally [...]

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Customer Watch: Putting Teeth Into Style Decisions

Cosmetic dentistry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and a gorgeous smile, whether natural or enhanced, is the pride and [...]

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Trend Watch: Promoting But Not Explaining Water-Resistant Watches

I am always delighted to see the fashion press give space to discussing jewelry that complements the fashions being [...]

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Customer Watch: Inspiration and the Celebrity Factor

Inspiration. It can be elusive, as I find from time to time, staring at a blank page on my [...]

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