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Trend Watch: Charming Ways to Take One?s Time

Back in February, I tore the “Update Your Look” page out of Harper’s Bazaar magazine for my style file, [...]

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Customer Watch: High-Set Ears

In teaching my new Jewelry Savvy Workshops, I have been pulling together a wealth of images that explore the [...]

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Trend Watch: Full-Figured Beauty Celebrated

Especially for those of us not genetically programmed to be naturally thin, Vogue magazine’s evolution over the last few [...]

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Customer Watch: The Perfect Lengths for Necklaces

If you study great works of portraiture, you will notice that certain proportions are repeated time and again. From [...]

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Trend Watch: Break Out the Love Beads for the Return of the Flower Child

Is it a desire to revert to a more innocent time? The influence of the make-love-not-war 60’s has come [...]

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Customer Watch: Personal Goals and Vision ? The Why of Jewelry

As an image consultant, in working with a client, I have an advantage over retail jewelers. When I meet [...]

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