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Musings on the SAG Awards

I’m happy that I have had my first red carpet “fix” of the year. The SAG Awards included one [...]

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Trend Watch: Handbag Falloff Means Opportunity with Women Self-Purchasers

Last June, my Jewelry Savvy co-author Caroline Stanley posted in this blog some thoughts about the customer carrying a [...]

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Customer Watch: Strong Eyebrows

As discussed in Jewelry Savvy, the shape of a woman’s face is but one possible starting point for helping [...]

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Trend Watch: Bracelets Worn Over Gloves

Sometimes a trend needs an incubation period to take hold of the collective consciousness, and there’s nothing like a [...]

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Customer Watch: Each One a Work of Art

When I speak to a group of women on the subject of jewelry, I invite questions, and I’m often [...]

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Trend Watch: Adorning Abstract Art Apparel

I’m often inspired by the advertising emails I receive from the high-end retail stores. Bergdorf Goodman provides some of [...]

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