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Customer Watch: Matching Pearls to Your Customer

I’m a huge fan of pearls, both in their traditional iteration as a classic strand (or even better, two [...]

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Trend Watch: Jewelry Fit for Prints

The trend towards large, chunky jewelry continues unabated as we head into winter and start dreaming of spring. There [...]

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Customer Watch: The Dramatic Personality

Over the last several weeks, I’ve written about the sporty, traditional, elegant, feminine, alluring and creative personality styles. Understanding [...]

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Trend Watch: Attitudinal Marketing ? for Men, Too

Over the past few years, ad campaigns have shown a definite trend toward taking a more inclusive view of [...]

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Customer Watch: The Creative Personality (and a Naked Woman!)

Maybe she’s completely unpredictable from day to day in her appearance, or maybe she wears an eclectic but relatively [...]

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Trend Watch: The Over-40 Market: Women Are Telling You What They Want

Perhaps the recent spate of editorial reports on the subject started with Sharon Stone, quoted in the October 2007 [...]

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