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Trend Watch: Have a Bangle with That Wristwatch

I was delighted to see, in the October 2007 issue of Glamour magazine, an article that might calm fears [...]

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Customer Watch: Considering Personal Style

In my last blog posting, I mentioned the style descriptors used in the current issue of InStyle Magazine to [...]

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Trend Watch: Aggressive Jewelry

Perusing the fall fashion magazines, I am struck by how actively aggressive much of the jewelry appears. Sharp points, [...]

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Customer Watch: Bare Necks: Lessons from the Emmy Awards

With all the bare necks at the Emmy Awards Sunday evening, earrings came into prominent focus. All manner of [...]

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Trend Watch: Brooches–Part 1

Brooches are only just being discovered by some baby boomers and their progeny who previously associated brooches with grandma [...]

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Press Watch: A Pregnant Pause

Toni Rumore noted in her Sept 7 blog posting on Style 360 that, among the new, fashionable book releases [...]

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