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By Cynthia Sliwa — January 29, 2015

In scheduling my blog posts this week, I was surprised and delighted to learn that I have written and published over 1,000 posts since I began blogging, an offshoot of the book Jewelry Savvy: What Every Jewelry Wearer Should Know, which I co-authored in 2007. Combining my training in image consulting with my passion for jewelry, I determined to create something unique, something that stands out in a sea of self-focused and celebrity-driven blogs.

My first blog post for my predecessor blog on JCKonline.com was published on September 3, 2007. Writing for JCK, my posts were composed for the benefit of those in the jewelry industry, but I developed a following among jewelry lovers outside the industry too (and even garnished notice as one of the 10 best jewelry blogs from a NY PR firm).  Now my focus is on the consumer, the jewelry lover, since what this blog is truly about is a love of the wearable art that is jewelry. The text of all 1,000+ posts is available here on www.TrulyJewelry.com.

When TrulyJewelry.com launched in September 2013, I added¬† a “Price Check” that provides information about the content and retail price of pieces pictured in each blog post. Especially fun for me is a feature I launched in January 2014, the “Truly Jewelry Gem of the Day,” which spotlights jewelry that catches my eye. There are extraordinary designers around the world. I hope to open doors for these individuals.

It’s fascinating to see that certain styles or design motifs come back into vogue again and again, while others have a limited shelf life. Typically the latter are trends driven by one or several fashion designers, as, for example, the oversized padlock necklaces of Michael Kors and Chanel last year, or Lanvin’s large-scale word necklaces back in 2013. Extremes of scale rest in the realm of costume, as they are not designed to flatter the wearer. At the same time, signed designer pieces always have some inherent value. Whether they are worth the premium paid for jewelry that is merely plated brass or composed of base metal and glass is up to the purchaser.

Color is an excellent example of a seasonal design factor, and Pantone’s color guides provide a useful tool for ascertaining the favored hues in apparel and accessories in any given season. Irrespective of what is in fashion, everyone should always wear the hues that are most flattering — and this includes the color(s) of metal in one’s jewelry along with the gemstones and other materials incorporated into those pieces. These determinations are entirely personal, part of what makes the process of selecting jewelry unique to each individual.

Also unique to each individual, and perhaps the most important factor in jewelry selection is personality. The woman wearing a tiny initial pendant and dainty stud earrings presents a very different image to the public that one who sports an armload of bracelets and sparkly shoulder-duster earrings. I hope you find inspiration in the wide range of stylings included here.

Take some time to browse through my posts, or do a search for a favorite gemstone or designer and see how they have been spotlighted in the fashion press over the last seven years. Drop me a line if there’s a jewelry designer you’d like to introduce to me, if there’s a topic about which you’d like to write a guest post, or if there’s a topic you’d like me to discuss.

Styles change and fashion is fickle. Handbags and apparel show wear; shoes lose their value the moment their soles hit the pavement. Beautiful jewelry, thoughtfully chosen to flatter the wearer and carefully maintained, provides endless delight.

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